Thursday, February 25, 2016

Journey Days planner

Hi everyone!  So have you heard about this new planner craze?  I ask this tongue in cheek cause evidently planners are HUGE and EVERYWHERE.  They are new to me cause evidently I live under a rock!  But not anymore!

I'm excited to announce that Fun Stampers Journey has partnered with Websters Pages and released planners and accessories in the new Journey Days collection!  The core collection was released in the FSJ Spring Mini catalog, but will continue to expand and grow, so look for more planner goodness with the new catalog launch in June!
Here are a couple pages I did in February on the week of Daniel's 12th birthday. 

There are two binder styles to chose from, I chose the black and white Journey Girl Binder.  Isn't it the cutest?  The other one is called Be Amazing Binder and is solid white with silver lettering.  Both are really beautiful.
There are a variety of planner divider kits, calendar inserts, tassels, coordinating stamp sets and even a binder, called Journey Days Craftmate, to keep your planner accessories in (seen open on the left of my picture below).  Like I said, this whole planner thing is new to me, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Of course the coordinating stamp sets like Journey Emojis makes it pretty easy!
So here's my question to you planner peeps, do you keep up with it?  Do you do elaborate decorating or something more general?  I had a great time decorating these pages along with a few others, but honestly I found it hard to keep up with after a week or so.  Eek!!  Are there any tips you have to keep this up?
Let me know and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cute planner Michelle! I don't have one myself, don't have a busy enough schedule I guess!! :)

  2. What a handy thing. Kinda holds you over a little between craft times, right?

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