Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Farewell tribute to Verve's Flowers

Hi everyone!  First, a big thank you for all your well wishes, emails and comments yesterday!  I really appreciate each and everyone of you!!  Today's post is all about Verve's flower images.  I tell ya, when it comes to flower sets, Julee's designs are certainly among the very best!

Take a peek at my favorite Flower sets and a few cards I made with each:


 And last, but not least, Because of You

Once again, that was A LOT of cards to scroll through and I thank you for sticking with me.  Come back tomorrow for my tribute to Julee's fabulous sentiment sets!  Have a great day!
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  1. I remember these, still just as gorgeous. Love your decision to do a tribute, you are the sweetest! :D

  2. I'm loving this memory lane, I feel in love with your last card in blue the first time around and again this morning!!! Something about it is soft and sweet. Thank you for sharing your talents from one company and look forward to your work from a new one.
    Have a great day!

  3. stunning, stunning, stunning!! What a beautiful walk down memory lane...you really make these stamps shine :)

  4. These are all just absolutely gorgeous! You have done some amazing work for Verve!! I'm so sorry to see you leaving the team... your work is very inspiring, you will be greatly missed!

  5. That was a lot of Beautiful cards.

  6. LOVE your posting of past cards...all are so lovely! It was fun to see some of the older DPs that were once so popular!

  7. Ahhhh, Verve flowers make my heart sing :) Fabulous creations!

  8. these Michelle are some of my favorites of yours....these are gorgeous cards girl! Hope your day is great.

    enjoy *~*

  9. Hi Michele,

    I miss one day on the computer due to horrific thunderstorms, and look at what I missed!

    These cards are so incredibly beautiful...and so different from each other! I love the "Mother's Day" card in the last section! So pretty. And, that "Birthday Wishes" in the light blue is so delicate and wonderful. You sure work magic with flowers!

    I have the "Love's Flower" set, and now I have some incredible ideas on how to use it differently.

    This is a beautiful tribute to Julee and the others, and the stamps of course...and you! You have done some incredible work for Verve...and you will continue to make beautiful and creative projects wherever you go.

    It is also a great treat for us to see! Phenomenal cards!

    He IS Able,
    Traci S.

  10. These cards are really gorgeous ღ

  11. Girl, you've showcased Verve's flowers fabulously!! WOW!! What a treat to look back on all your faves with you!! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. All your cards are gorgeous.
    Enjoyed looking at all of
    them. I love Spellbinders so
    I know we will be seeing more
    lovely work.

  13. You rock the Verve flowers like nobody's business my friend!! I absolutely love the variety here - from soft and sweet to bold and fun!

  14. I think your flower cards are why I fell in love with your work and Verve! Thanks for the inspiration. I'll be following...

  15. Holy Moly - its like walking in a flower garden! Each of your cards is simply breathtaking! Love what you do with a simply flower! Amazing!

  16. It is so nice that you are doing a tribute to Verve. Enjoy your new assignment at Spellbinders!

  17. What a treat for the eyes! So much Verve-y, flowery goodness in one place! Some of my all-time faves right here!

  18. I absolutaely loved all of your cards. You have so much insight and color sense. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.