Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Driveway remodel: Day 9

Hi everyone!  Yesterday, the cement driveway was poured!

As I type, the walkway is being poured.  We have gone with a concrete stain and stamp.  Have you seen that done before?  It will be amazing.  Some of you have asked, and no, we did not take out our HUGE Blue Spruce tree.  We cut the 3 major roots and sealed them and will pray it survives.  I LOVE this tree, I mean really LOVE it.  I will keep it as long as I can.  

Anyway, here are 2 from yesterday:
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  1. You're almost there - yeah!! Concrete will be great to have. Do they use the big squares with the images to "stamp" the concrete. How appropriate that would be ROFL! Can't wait to see the finished product :)

  2. Its really taking shape! Concrete stain and stamps are gorgeous - I can't wait to see the end result :)

  3. This is going to change the whole look of your home, exciting!!!! I can't wait to see it all finished!!!!