Friday, July 30, 2010

Kitchen remodel: Day 26

Hi everyone!  Well, the counter tops went in and they are beautiful!  I went with a quartz stone, it is handmade and not very porous so there is no need to seal it every year and it is much better with stains.  The color I chose is Serene and it's from Chroma Quartz.  I don't have my back splash installed yet (long, typical story) so I am hesitant on showing pictures, but here is one.

Notice the difference in green paint near the bottom?  Yep, after the counter tops came in, I discovered to my HORROR that the paint I JUST finished painting was the WRONG hue of green!  So I ran out to 3 paint stores and in 1 day found a new color and painted everything.  Whew.  But it was worth it.  Now my walls are a River Rock kind of green.  I love it!

I am leaving tomorrow for a long weekend getaway in Sunriver with some friends from SF!  I can't wait to see them -Bill and I met at their wedding!  Anyway, I will have a couple prescheduled blog posts coming up when I am gone.

P.S.  I just received the amazing NEW MAY ART RIBBONS from Sharon's Stamp Simply Ribbon store.  Check them out they are TOO DIE FOR!  Surprisingly, my favorite of the new ribbons is the striped twill.  SUPER big ole HAPPY SIGH....  I can't wait to return and get to stamping!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.



  1. it looks fabulous!!! love the counters and cupboards...I bet there is an espresso maker beside those jars because you want to make me a latte one day ;) Have a super fun weekend :)

  2. Yeah!!!! Doing a happy dance for you, Michelle :D The counter top is gorgeous! Just LOVE the colour. May have to tuck away that colour name in the event we every remodel.

    So glad to hear you are away for the weekend! You need a break from all the hard work you've been doing. Can't wait to see more pics. I'm sure I'll be drooling!

  3. Looks beautiful so far. Love the counter top and the cabinet colors you chose. Can't wait to see it all together.

  4. It's looking good!!! Won't be long and it will all be finished!! Enjoy the trip away with friends and also, enjoy your new ribbons!!!!! :)