Monday, September 27, 2010

Stuff and stuff and a card (that I don't like)

Hi everyone!  Ever get into a great card making groove and then, POOF!  Gone?  Where did my mojo go?  I have a card to share, but I really don't like it.  The sad thing is it took me TWO DAYS to make.  Yep.  I kept coming back to it and tinkering.  In the end, it's "not all that and a bag of chips", but I thought I would share one of my, "I don't like it, and it will go straight into the birthday card stash" cards.  lol.

It's got good bones.  Good colors.  Just OFF.  Oh well.  The balloons are from Verve's Birthday Bash, the sentiment is from Big Wish and the frame is from PTI's Framed set.
I also have a couple of random pics to share.  This is what happens when Oregon GETS NO SUN OVER THE SUMMER!  What up with that?  The carrots in my garden TRIED.  Yes, they did.  I put the "larger" ones to the right, we ate those.  Still pretty tasty, and my boys got a kick out of eating them with the greenage on the bottom, "just like a bunny"!!  Don't these look like carrots for Barbie dolls?
Remember my garage remodel?  Here is a reminder picture of my favorite part.
Well, the final touch was to get a large piece of carpet!!  You see, my little tootsies are spoiled and don't want to touch concrete in the winter (yikes) on the way to and from the laundry.  So, I went to my local carpet store and bought this large remnant for $25 dollars (it's a high quality residential carpet, not commercial grade).  I cut out around the washer and dryer (with a utility knife) to make a perfect fit.  LOVE this carpet.  I have been asked and YES, I will vacuum it!  And when it gets all goobered up over the winter, it can easily be replaced with another in the spring!
See that laundry hamper to the left of the washer?  LOVE it!  It was $13 at IKEA, the Antonius.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!


  1. What`s not to like about your card. I think it`s lovely. And those carrots, they may be small but I`ll bet they are sweet.
    Lynne xxx

  2. Hate these types of cards - you struggle and struggle and finally give up on move on LOL! I quite like how you coloured the enjoy and the cut out balloons are darling. I'm sure the recipient will love it despite the creators second thoughts :)

    You are a mean woman with a utility knife! Well done!! I have a strip of carpet in our basement so I don't get cold feet when I'm digging in the freezer LOL! Looks great :)

    Yes, we were a little short on water this summer! Though the carrots are very cute! Need to find someone with a bunny to give the small carrots to and make that bunny feel like it's died and gone to heaven LOL!

  3. Love your card and LOVE your laundry area!!

  4. I lik eit! :) And yay for no more cold toes! :)

  5. aughhhhh even your non mojo cards look good! How do you do that?

  6. Hey girly...I think your card is super cute!!! Trust me I have many days like that too, but mine actually are going straight into the trash can...LOL!!!

    Your new garage looks it!!! BTW you are way to neat...LOL!!! Can I borrow you for a week or so??? Hugs ~S~

  7. Hey Michelle this card is gorgeous! Don't worry, i have days like that too so you are not alone! The new laundry area looks awesome! :)

  8. I love your card...but I do understand the 2 days of misery trying to make it what you want! It's still gorgeous even if you don't see it! Fab looking laundry..I have a room and it's never looked that neat!

  9. I have ahd those days with cards so I understand. But I think this is cute and makes for a great birthday card.
    The carrots are totally cute and my boys would be the same way.

  10. while I totally understand about not lovin' a're nutty! this is really cute and well designed. tfs! oh, and I still love your remodle!