Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kitchen remodel: Day 10

Hi everyone!  Well, it's day 10.

Major problem with the cabinet install.  See anything off??  The upper opening for the range hood doesn't match up with the lower opening for the stove.  I will have to have my upper cabinets removed and rehung to match up. 

Seriously?  How does this happen?  I had to cancel the under cabinet lighting and range hood install that was scheduled for today.  Sigh... I need some Advil.

OK ladies, I need cheering up.  I really appreciate all you guys for your encouraging and wonderful comments!  Anyone have some good news that you want to share?  I sure need a smile today.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

P.S.  I was asked what color my kitchen is.  It's a sage green color (close to Sage Shadow with a touch of Mellow Moss).  The exact color is Laurel Mist (430E-3) and it's from Behr from Home Depot.



  1. It will all work out... Breathe.... Relax... You will have a beautiful kitchen shortly, just smile and wave girls... smile and wave. Hee hee Hugs girlie, Iknow its stressful. But it will be awesome when its all done!

  2. Three steps forward, one step back always seems to be the way with renos. Hang in there (((hugs)))!!!! I'd say a nice glass of red wine and/or an Edward fix watching Eclipse is in order!!!

  3. Oh bummer... It will be wonderful in the end!

  4. It will be fabulous when it is done. And then you will forget about all the glitches along the way. I just got a new job - so yay for me!! And also got 2 scrummy pacakages of stamps delivered from OS so hope my good news makes you smile. :)

  5. Oh Girlie, I'm sorry you've hit a snag! Keep telling yourself it will be worth it in the end!!

    I've been at the school sports day - my eldest had 3 events, 3rd, 4th and 5th! :) I cheered a lot!! :)

  6. I know its stressful but it is looking good so far despite the snag you've hit! Just hang in there chickadee and it will be all done soon! Cant wait to see the end result :)

  7. Oh, girlie, I just remo'd my kitchen, too and they STIll need to come back and fix goofs! One cabinet door was put on the wrong way! :( and they still have to take stuff to the dump! I can't even use my outdoor trash can b'cuz it's so full!
    I hope they treat you better - mine still is looking great, time will always tell, huh?
    Wine & Edward fix sounds good to me, too!