Friday, February 13, 2009

A 6x6 storage idea and some early Mother's Day cards

I know, I know, it's not even Valentine's Day and I have already moved on to Mother's Day! But, I had some time last night, so I thought I would play around with some of corsage pins and beads -kind of a do it yourself Pretties Kit!! And they are so lovely on elegant Mother's Day cards.

But first, my friend Sharon (notimetostamp) posed the question to everyone "how do you store your 6x6 paper pads?" on this blog post. So, I thought I would share my new system. It's NOT perfect, but it works for me and my TINY stamping space. I have about 1/2 of my paper pads moved over and I like it so far!
DISCLAIMER: Please excuse the mess, my craft area always looks like a tornado blew through!!

I keep a stack of plastic CD cases behind my chair (I just don't skootch back very fast!). They measure 6" deep, 7 1/2" tall and 8" across. They fit my Basic Grey 6x6 pads very nicely. Along with lots of other stuff too! What I do is put the entire pad in with the "spine" side down and then I toss the scraps (which I save them ALL) in just behind the cover page. I suppose you could get fancy with some tabs with the name of the pads, but I just thumb thru looking for a specific color or pattern to fit my card. I kind of have the order of the pads memorized!

I have them stacked 5 boxes high, and that seems the limit. They are pretty sturdy, no tipping and I even have them on carpet. They interlock with each other and I suppose if you anchored them to the wall somehow they could be stacked even higher. I got them at Fred Meyer's (it's a West Coast store) for around $2 each. I imagine you could find them at Target, K-Mart or the like.

I also store my Nesties here too. I keep each set in a CD case attached with magnetic strips. I color coded the spine for my Circles, Ovals and Rectangles. This has been a huge plus!

I hope this helps some of you who are looking for some ideas. EDITED TO ADD: The containers are made by Sterilite #1695. Here is a link to the Sterilite site (mine are in clear) -they can be found online at Ebay,, and other places. Good luck!

Now on to some Mother's Day cards. I have been inspired (again by Sharon in this post) to use corsage pins and beads to make a version of the SU! Pretties kit. Way back when, I dabbled in making jewelry and like a true scrapper, I saved all my beads! So, I bought a set of corsage pins, some earring stoppers and got to work.

I cased this card which I did back in July '08 for one of Sharon's Stamp Simply challenges (see a theme here? Can you tell Sharon is my stamping idol? LOL). I used my all time favorite stamp set Heartfelt Thanks which was my first stamp set ever bought and I will NEVER get rid of.

Anyway, here is a close up picture of the pin and beads from the pink card. I made 3 versions of the card -pale plum, bashful blue and pink pirouette. The sentiment is Happy Thoughts from Verve and the BG stamp is Damask from Flourishes (on the blue and plum cards). I used some yellow pearls from Kaiser Craft for the center of the flower.

Here is a picture of all three! Thanks for stopping by and have a great Friday!

Oh, for those of you following my Edward slideshow, I added 2 new pictures!

Card Deets:
Stamps – Heartfelt Thanks, Happy Thoughts, Damask
Paper - white, black, pale plum, pink pirouette, bashful blue
Accessories - paper piercer, yellow pearls, yellow stickles, black satin striped organdy ribbon and Michelle's version of the Pretties kit!



  1. These are beautiful cards!!! I just purchased some earring backs today to try my hand at making these "pretties". (great minds think alike I guess,lol)
    This is the first SU set I purchased too and I agree I love it and will never sell it. Of course, I don't sell ANY of my stamps! My grandkids can through them when I'm dead & gone but until then, THEY'RE MINE!!!
    Beautiful work my friend ... thanks for inspiration!!

  2. Hi Michelle -- well, gee, thanks for all the compliments (I'm blushing!) LOL!!! I do like your box for the BG 6 x 6. I don't recall seeing a square box that size, but I will surely be on the lookout the next time I shop. This does seem to function better than my plastic bag system, which I do NOT like!!! And I LOVE your Heartfelt Mother's Day cards with the pins -- so pretty!!! I, too, have kept Heartfelt Thanks, though I, unlike Darlene above, do sell most of my SU sets!!! LOL!!! I keep ALL sentiment sets and ALL backgrounds, but other than that, most of them hit the road pretty quickly -- LOL!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  3. Great idea for storage and your card is so very pretty!!! I love blue and I love the layout and that beautiful damask BG and the wonderful pin!! Stunning!!

    ps. Thanks for the new Edward pics!!! :D

  4. Michelle, I usually just get your updates via google reader (love your cards by the way!) but...when I saw you mention edward pictures, I had to rush right over!! Just finished the series myself last weekend...I think I've finally calmed down - well, some!!


  5. I've been blop hopping and somehow ended up here! I'm glad I did - I like your tip about the 6x6 storage and wouldn't you know I have some of those boxes already! I'll have to dig them out and re-purpose them for my 6x6 pads too!

  6. Oops! I forgot to add that your cards are beautiful and I'm intrigued by your comment of your version of the pretties kit.

    What does that mean?

  7. Love your paper storage, Michelle, and your Mother's Day cards are GORGEOUS!! I love the pretty colors, and the pins are a lovely touch!!

  8. WOW!!!! Fabulous set of cards, Michelle!!!! Gorgeous work!!! I am laughing b/c if you think this is messy you should see mine. In my defense....I am rearranging again....which causes the worse Love the storage idea!!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!!

  9. Gorgeous cards, Michelle!! Love your slideshow of Edward....sigh...Happy Valentines Day!!

  10. What beautiful cards, Roomie!!! I still have my Heartfelt set, too!!! I love your 6x6 storage idea, pads are in a drawer and I have to dig to find what I want. I'll be on the lookout for the right size box, for sure!!!

  11. Oh Michelle, that's a fabulous idea for your papers. I keep mine with my 12 x 12 DP in a wire framed unit sort of like what the college kids use, I'm too cheap to invest in a good system . . . LOL! Your Mother's Day cards are gorgeous! I'm like Darlene, I've never sold a single one of my SU stamps, I still have them all. I should take Sharon's example though, I'd have a lot more storage space!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous card! Thank you for sharing storage system!

  13. Your Mother's Day cards are absolutely gorgeous, Michelle!! They couldn't be more elegant.

    Love your storage ideas, too.

  14. OMG....I saved all my beads from when I made jewelry too. Only thing I need is earring backs. hmmmmm....housecleaning can wait, I'm heading to the store!!! Great cards Michelle!

  15. Your Mother's Day cards are so elegant and beautiful! Love all three colors!

  16. Holy Smokes.. Your Mother's Day cards are CRACK-A-LACKIN...(can you tell we have watched MadagascarII about a thousand times...uugh!).. Oh, and I love your storage idea.. AWESOME!

  17. Michelle- your cards are lovely! I've been trying to find something to put at the bottom of my corsage pins (I did think of that) to make my own stick pins! I've never thought of earring backs!! Genius!! Thanks!

  18. Great storage ideas and beautiful cards Michelle. TFS