Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twilight progress

OK, I am now almost finished with Eclipse (have less than 50 pages to go). I to go grocery shopping (why do we have to eat?) yesterday and that cut into my reading time -LOL! I also saw the movie and am embarassed to say this 40 year old woman is IN LOVE with a 19 year old FICTIONAL vampire!! Ahhh, Edward...

My friend is coming over for an all day of making cards (scheduled this before my Twilight decision), so I won't get a good dent into Breaking Dawn until tomorrow.

Thank you everyone for the comments and emails! For those of you who have asked, YES reading the series is worth it. I also read all the Anne Rice vampire chronicles and actually (gasp) like them a bit more. Two very different styles of writing and story telling. The Twilight series is definitely a fast paced easy read and very compelling. So, if you want a great compelling set of stories to sink your teeth into (pun INtended), definitely start Twilight!!

Check in later!


  1. I'm so jealous that you have Eclipse...I can't find it anywhere and I am so anxious to read it.

  2. Oh this made me laugh!!! You aren't the only grown woman with a family to be in love with a fictional teenage vampire!!! LOL!! Enjoy the end of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn is really good too!!! :)

  3. LOL I'm 40 also and yes I love edward he is great. Can't wait till you read the last book its fantastic...

  4. Girl...please do not stress...I am a 34 year old IN LOVE with's ok...the first step is admitting you have a problem! Now, you have to be like me and join
    Go know you want too!!!
    So, Breaking Dawn is my FAV FAV FAV book in the entire MUST let me know as soon as you are done with it so we can discuss in depth!!!

  5. Nope doesnt get any better in Australia - 33yrs old and in love with Edward although i also look up to and admire a fictional charaster I also love Alice she gets better as the books go on but i have such a soft spot for her

  6. I'm glad you are having such a fun week, Roomie...I gotta get the books just to check out Edward!!!

  7. Glad you are enjoying the books, Michelle! I'm 47 and loving Edward - he seems to have no age limits of swooning women LOL!! I LOVED Breaking Dawn, think it was my favorite book. Enjoy!!!

  8. Well, I am 40something and in LOVE with Edward, too!!!!! These are great reads. Do you think we can get Jodi to share the Edward pic she has on her blog? I LOVE looking at him.....hee hee!!!
    Glad you are enjoying the books!!!!

  9. :D I too am an Edward fan...oh man. It's bad. I read the books over Christmas vaca. Whew! I'm ready for the next one!! :)

  10. You are a hoot! I suppose by now you are into the next book, and from you description, I suppose I will have to get this series and start reading...
    Oh.. and you are so punny, really you are!

  11. Just caught your fabby blog today. Love the cards and the fact that you are on Team Edward. Only place to be methinks.
    I'll not tell you what age I am!! It would make you feel better honestly. LOL
    Loved the books since my daughter lent them to me - she never got them back and had to buy another set.
    Edward can bring a twinkle to anyone's eye. :)My favourite one is 'New Moon'- from heartache to heart stopping. I couldn't put it down.
    Now the wait is on for Eclipse...