Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ribbon Rings

In all their glory!! OK, so I have a teeny tiny lose ribbon problem (I won't even talk about all my ribbon on SPOOLS) and when I was STUFFING my 7th HUGE bag of ribbon, I thought there had to be a better way! Lucky me, Heidi (Pinkhedgehog Papercrafts) now sells Ribbon Rings! And even better, the manufacturer is located in Oregon :-) I love to support locally whenever possible. I have a couple pictures to share.

This first shot shows how I hung my organdy and specialty SU ribbons. I hung them on the adhesive backed hooks (from OfficeMax) to the wall behind and to the right of my chair.

The hooks I used are from 3M, and they are supposed to come right off and not damage the wall. They were a couple bucks for each pack of 3. The 2 organdy rings have about 25 cards each and the SU ring has 9 -these have PLENTY of room to spare.

This picture shows my 1/4" grosgrain ribbons and my satin edged organdy ribbon. Do you see a pattern? I have to color coordinate my ribbons on the cards and I try to keep the same kind of ribbon on each ring. I am a compulsive organizer and these little cards are AMAZING! I hang them on the end of the curtain rod that holds all my punches. Man, I wish I had more room, but I can get one more ring squished on the end...

Here is a close up of my 1/4" grosgrain. You can see that with this size ribbon, you can fit 4 ribbons across the card. As far as other sized ribbons, you can fit one 3/8" ribbon with one 5/8" ribbon on a card, or three 3/8" ribbons together. I should mention that the ribbons shown are in 1 yard pieces and also came from Heidi's store. You can order her ribbons in "sets" which can be in 1 yard of each of the colors -ex. the 1/4" grosgrain shown here comes in 87 colors and is $20.

I still have just over 3 bags of ribbon left, but so far I couldn't be happier with these little cards. All my lose ribbons are now at my fingertips! Happy stamping!


  1. This looks so nice and so colorful too! Think you are signed up for the SCS shoebox on the 4th..will see you there!

  2. That's very, very cool. I'm going to have to come over and ooh and aah about that! :-)

  3. WHAT?? Heidi has the rings AND the little plastic do-hickies??? I MUST get some!! I was reluctant to order them online, but I can just zip up to Heidis and get them!!

    Thanks, girlfriend!


  4. I love the idea of those rings! As for your ribbon collection......I think I have ribbon envy!! :)

  5. Oh those are so neat! They are so pretty with all those colors. :D

  6. This is a fabulous idea! Something that can grow with you! thanks for sharing!

  7. Love your ideas for ribbon. I have 4 drawers full. Don't ask me where the pieces are. Thanks for giving me a reason and way to keep them organized~~~maybe!!!

  8. awesome organization tip Michelle! Boy would you be scared at my ribbon drawer LOL