Saturday, July 19, 2008

Stay Tuned!

I will have some fun and exciting news to announce to you all tomorrow! No, it's NOT that I finally picked out the granite countertop and tile flooring for my bathroom -although I DID! LOL!

Come back tomorrow and check it out. Any guesses? Post a comment...


  1. Michelle-
    As you know, I can be pretty good at predicting these things...but I'll keep my thought and wait to see what you post your surprise is. :)

  2. Oh, the agonY! What is it?! My guess is that you a going to grace us all with your presence on some fabulous design team (besides the SCS DD team, ofcouse)! ??? hmmm? Please don't keep me in suspense for too long ;) i'll be back soon to find out! hugs, buddy!