Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I've been tagged 3 times!

OK, I am the world's worst tagged person! I have been tagged three times, the first by Denise (Peanutbee) The Paper Landscaper, the second time by Alison (Newstampinaddict), Stamper's Ramblings and the third time by Leanne, Wee Inklings. All last month! Ugh... All three gals are talented stampers and have great blogs, be sure to check them out.

Each tag had different parameters, so I will kind of morph all 3 together and give you five random facts about myself, five things on today's To Do List and tag five other stampers!

Random things:
1. I grew up on a horse ranch in the Applegate Valley in Oregon, we raised black and white pinto Arabian horses.
2. I graduated from college with a Bachelors in Small Business Management
3. I am one of the PICKIEST eaters ever! Seriously, I am worse than Meg Ryan's, Sally.
4. I went to 3 different high schools
5. I am a TV-aholic! Seriously, I watch just about everything on TV!!

To do list:
1. Chose final granite countertop piece between Lowes and Quality Home Supplies
2. Mail out my ribbon PIF and Blog candy
3. Pack lunches for the boys for the park tomorrow
4. Do blog post about the Dare to Get Dirty in '08 challenges
5. Do my card for my DDC challenge - called Alphabet Soup

Now to tag... I am tagging these 4 stampin friends:
1. Janette, Stampin with Style
2. Linsey, Outside the lines
3. Miss Boo, Designs by Boo
4. Lori, Paper Sunshine

Have a great evening!


  1. Please tell me what does it mean "i've been tagged"
    Can you also tell me what 'elfed' is

  2. How fun to learn some interesting things about you! Horses huh! My oldest daughter is horse crazy. Currently I she has been learning to ride at a Saddlebred farm. I can't get that girl interested in anything else.

  3. NO Michelle, I AM the worst tagger ever! I don't post my tags forever and this is no exception--I'm so sorry because I am toally honord that you would pick me! You know how awesome I think you are and I'm so lucky just to know you! I will be posting my tag from you today on my blog, for sure! And thanks so much for thinking of me! Hugs! xoxox

  4. Fascinating peak inside! How on earth can you be a TV-aholic and raise your family, and do all the stamping and blogging that you do? No sleep? :)