Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Zutter Magnetic and Cling Stamp storage

Hi everyone!  Like all of you, I am ALWAYS in search of die and stamp storage.  So while I was at CHA, the Zutter Inovations booth really caught my eye.  The gentleman in the booth was showing someone their new large sized, double sided die/stamp storage combo and I just had to check it out!!  

I loved what I saw and he generously gave me a package to try out myself.  It's called the Magnetic and Cling Stamp Storage System and I really love it!  They have 2 systems, the pink system is for dies and stamps and the purple system is for stamps only.  

I have the pink system and here is what I have done.  I have 3 sheets in my box at the moment, but you can see that many more will fit (they say 9 sheets depending on your stamp thickness).  I labeled each of my divider sheets with my Brother label maker
Here is my first sheet.  The front side is magnetic for the dies.  The magnet is strong and the dies WON'T fall off -don't get me started on the pack of magnet sheets I bought online that can't hold a die to save it's life! 
Anyway, these measure 12" across which is large enough for the long border dies and Spellbinders Grand sized line of dies.  You can see that I fit 5 die sets easily on it.  These are Spellbinders new Imperial Gold Series dies, aren't they pretty!?!  P.S. stamps will also stick to this side! 
 Here is the back side.  This side is not magnetic and is for your stamp sets.  In the top corner I printed the names of my dies that are on the front and I fit 3 stamp sets.  At first I took my acrylic stamps off it's original backing and put them on the sheet, but I quickly discovered the stamp's back side would stick just as well AND that allowed me to keep them on the packing so I can see the stamps!
 Here is a picture of my JustRite Papercrafts dies (I fit 6 die sets here)
And on the back side are the coordinating stamp sets for all my JR dies.  The sheet fits 2 large stamp sets on each.  Again, I kept the stamps on the original packing so I could see/read the stamps.
The box is thin enough to easily fit on the floor below my bottom shelf under my stamp area.  I even have room for 2!
It looks like this system is on pre-order for the next couple of days and will begin to ship at the end of January!  You can buy sheet insert refills, they come in packs of 3 including plastic divider sheets.  I'm going to get 2 more of the die/cling refills, I think all of those will fit in my 1 box :)

Here is the link to a CHA review video that Scrapbook.com made of this system:

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


  1. I saw this new system!! And I had just bought a magnetic ArtBin! But, I must say my ArtBin works wonderfully, and right now holds all my dies. But this system is much larger, and it's cool because it's double sided for holding stamps!! In the future I may have one of these! Thank you for sharing it! Love those gold dies by the way!! :)

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