Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Garage remodel pictures

Hi everyone!  I have been working all day every day for over a week, remodeling the inside of my garage.  
Remember this picture?
This was right before we had the new concrete poured.  Well, just about NOTHING from our old garage came back into it.  See the walls?  Not much but bare studs and some crappy ole unfinished sheet rock.  Typical garage...
Bill and I redid everything ourselves.  I mean everything.  I designed the layout, we hung white paneling on the walls (with help from our Handyman), put together ALL the cabinetry, shelving systems and I painted a re-purposed kitchen cabinet/shelves white.  And I decorated it.  Yes, I decorated the garage -hey, it doubles as my laundry room!

This is the front wall/laundry room/entry to the house.  This is my pride and joy.  
I spent 3 days on this section alone. 
I did EVERYTHING on this wall!  I must say, after finishing this garage, I am QUITE handy with a drill!!  The cabinetry is the Estate by RSI and the shelving system is FastTrack Shelving from Rubbermaid.  Getting the doors to hang correctly was very tricky -it took about 40 minutes for EACH one.
Here is a close-up.  I am glad I found to hang a couple of my ceramic suns I got from my travels to Mexico (each sun is from a different trip).  See those toys on the left?  Those are 3 of my favorites from when I was a girl.  My Barbie dolls used to ride them!  Hey, I grew up on a farm -LOL!
Here is a picture of the other side of the door.  I hung the cabinet and installed the peg board myself!
This is Bill's side, the garage cabinetry was a BEAR to assemble for him, but it's really sturdy.  It's from Gladiator Garage works and we got it at Lowes.  Again, we cut out and mounted the pegboard.  We haven't filled the shelves yet, getting to that tomorrow -LOL!
This is the right side of the garage (where I park my car).  It holds our freezer, some more re-purposed shelves, my scrapbooking tote and a closet bar to hang extra clothes.  That brown cabinet on the far right was the only thing from the original garage we kept, it holds our luggage.
Here is a close up of the spot we have for the boys bikes and our shoe bench (from IKEA) by the entry door.  Now everyone has a place to sit down and take off the shoes OUTSIDE the house!  I also found the great double bike rack at Lowes.
OK, enough of the pictures!  Thanks for bearing with me this summer through all my remodeling.  I can tell you all one thing.  WE WON'T be doing anything like this ever again!  It's been over 3 months of complete chaos. 

Thank goodness it's all done and now we have a beautiful kitchen, the best driveway in the neighborhood and a fully functional and gorgeous garage!  Yeah baby!!


  1. I bet you are glad it's over Michelle, but it all sure looks great!! Enjoy your new spaces!!

  2. It all looks fantastic!!! Way to go!!! Super organized and a beautiful space indeed.

  3. I think you can start a new career soon, Michelle - interior decorating (okay, I'll duck so I don't get hit LOL!) Garage looks fabulous!! I'm drooling over your washer/dryer too. Love the barbies "horses" :) I'm a do it your selfer too and you should be darn proud of your accomplishment here! Heck, you can work on Extreme Home Makeover after all this experience :)

    Can I borrow you for a few weeks - we're just up the coast, in a beautiful community, hubby is a gourmet cook, kids are well behaved and you can enjoy a little vacation... Just had to ask ;)

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

  4. Wow!! What an awesome job you did on the garage Michelle!! Looks great!! Love all the organization!!

  5. Your kitchen, garage and driveway must be the envy of your neighborhood! Great job! I'd love to steal some of your brain's organization abilities for some of my projects.

  6. I stalk you all the time because your cards are gorjus...and so is this garage! funny how things as simple as a garage makeover can make us so happy! you should see my garage...oh my...i shudder!

  7. fabulous!!! Wow!!! You are so handy!!! LOVE your laundry area :) Your talents never cease to amaze me :)

  8. Michelle, your garage is wonderful. Hats off to a great job! Definitely something to be proud of...AND I'm glad you shared photos from beginning to end. I feel (to some point) that I have been right there with you all along. Now, on to business and fun: stamping!

  9. Clap clap clap clap!! Your remodel turned out sooooo good! It must feel so amazing to finally have the work behind you and just be able to enjoy it :) Love the Breyer collection! My barbies used to ride my horses too! My dad even built me a barn for my horses! good times :)

  10. GIRL!! This is awesome! You must be so happy :) Everything looks incredible!

  11. That has to be THE BEST garage I've ever seen!! LOVE it!

  12. WOOHOO!!! All finished and it looks FANTASTIC!!!! It may have taken a long time, but it was well worth the effort - your home looks beautiful!!!!

  13. Whohoo... Looks AWESOME! So worth the 3 months of chaois but yes I wouldn't do it again either. hee hee

  14. My jaw hit the floor!!!! How wonderful and amazing!!!