Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kitchen remodel: Day 38

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Hi everyone!  Well, I am so pleased with how everything is turning out in the kitchen.  You know, my old kitchen was so awful that buying new fun kitchen stuff felt a little like putting lipstick on a pig!  KWIM?

Today, I have a couple kitchen gadgets to share.  First up, a total splurge, an automatic soap dispenser!  Oh yeah, this is so fun AND anyone who has little kids knows what a challenge it is to get them to wash their hands with soap -LOL!  I got this at Target, part of their new Michael Graves line, for $20.  Worth every penny.

This is another SUPER splurge.  A KitchenAid 14 cup coffee maker.  Yeah, you read correctly - a 14 CUP maker!!  I have never seen one before.  This coffee maker is amazing.  It's quiet, has some "shower head" spray thing, state of the art look, I just LOVE IT!!

Next up is something small, but really cool and functional.  These little guys are PERFECTLY sized to fit in the upper cabinets.  It is pantry bin and fits all the sauce packets and such -I bought 3.  How cool!  These are about $10 each from Storables.

And last, but NOT least my favorite splurge.  My new SimpleHuman compact dish drain.  It is sleek and stylish, AND works SO much better than the standard Rubbermaid dish drains by far.  It has a funneling system on the tray that empties into a small spout that is directed into the sink.  No more emptying the drain tray that puddles with dish water -you with me?  I also bought this at Storables, but it can be found online.  It cost $35.  Again, worth. every. penny.

So tell me -WHY do we not buy fun and functional stuff for the kitchen?  

I am the first to buy a new Spellbinders die, Cosmo Cricket paper, but a new coffee pot?  No way -why buy a new one when my old one (over 7 years old) still worked?  

Well, this remodel has encouraged to update my kitchen in every way and I am so pleased!  Oh and see that clamp thingy in the background of the drain picture?  That's another fun thing I got -it's called a Telescope Bag Dryer.  I wash and reuse ziplock baggies and this is a gadget to help dry them!  Who knew?!?

Next up, demo for the driveway, walkway and garage.  This starts next week on the 19th. Yeah, that's how we roll!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!



  1. strong, two milk, no sugar...biscotti on the side....oh, that's how I like my coffee...just putting my order in!!! LOL LOVE the gadgets and this only goes to prove that when you renovate, all the old stuff is too old to put in a new room!!! So I will hold off buying anything new until the new house is built :) It looks like everything is up and running? yippee!!!!!

  2. What wonderful toys!! Love that soap dispenser...may have to get one myself LOL!. Since I kicked coffee (at least the leaded stuff anyway) I can't image going through 14 cups LOL! But if it helps not having to remake pots of coffee - you go girl :D LOVE the little sauce storage thingy...can see it working for EF or Nesties too LOL! And to have a bag dryer that isn't my block of knieves or a pop bottle - brilliant! Glad you treated yourself after all that hard work!! Enjoy your new toys and may the driveway go in uneventfully!!

  3. Wow those are some awesome gadgets! I want to go to our local HSW store (Australian equivalent to Storables) and buy up now!! Haha. It's always fun buying new kitchen stuff :)

  4. WOW girlie - it's looking INCREDIBLE!!! Love the soap thingy!!!

  5. I have loved watching the kitchen and now with the new gadgets, it is yet another part of the joy. Please continue to share, as it give us all ideas, especially the gadgets deals. Love the soap dispenser.

  6. I absolutely LOOOOVE the dishrack! I am getting one via Amazon prime! i just need the bigger size becs I usually put all I don't stick in the dishwasher such as pans and so forth. THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS!!

  7. Whoa....what a fabulous kitchen, must be thrilled!!!! I love all the super cool kitchen gadgets, too!!! You should see the inside of my cupboard with all the sauce packets...yikes, they are allover the place!!! I gotta get one of those pantry bins and the soap dispencer looks aweosme!!!

  8. I love this post!! Your Starship kitchen remodel is fantastic Michele! I have that dish drain thing (paid MORE for it than you did though!!). It is a work horse, totally worth the investment!! Love the soap dispenser too, gotta get me some!! Congrats!! (BTW, been following your remodel all along... :) Love what's emerging!!)

  9. OH..P.S. on the dish drain thing, the parts wash beautifully in the dishwasher! (The drainer mat at the bottom gets a gunky buildup every so often, just toss it in with the rest of the dishes!)