Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Satin ribbon comparison

Hi everyone! If you are like me and OBSESSED with ribbon (yeah, I know you're out there!), I have a fun comparison for you. (I uploaded the pics in the "medium" size, so you can click on them and make them bigger.)

Like many of you, I have drifted to PaperTrey for their cardstock and ribbons (not because of the SU! thing that happened this month as I am not a demo). I started getting into PTI because they have great prices for a smaller sample. I NEVER go through 10-15 yards of ribbon before moving on to the next great color or pattern. AND buying 12 sheets of cardstock for $3 is a dream come true! You KNOW it is!! LOL!

Anyway, I have problem with PTI's satin ribbon... it's NOT double sided. I have a touch of the OCD and having one side of my bow showing the underside of the ribbon about drives me CRAZY! I have been known to fiddle with a bow for HOURS to get those little white dots on both sides AND the ends!

On to my comparison! Heidi's store, Pinkhedgehog Papercrafts has an amazing assortment of satin ribbon to die for (33 colors) and it's ALL double sided! AND it comes in 3 widths! AND it's even cheaper than PTI! Double, no triple woot!

She charges $1.50 for 5 yards of 5/8" and if you want to go all out and order 1 yard of each 33 colors, it is only $11.50! YUMMY!

So, while I was at Heidi's house the other day, I had her clip a small piece of every satin ribbon color she had cause I wanted to compare it to PaperTrey and SU's cardstock. Here is what I did:

I punched the PaperTrey cardstock with my star punch and punched SU cardstock with my butterfly. On the papers that don't have a good match, I put a ? mark by the title. But on many occasion there is a PERFECT match!

I also wanted to mention that it is so hard to photograph colors like this! I took my papers outside, in the sun and shade and finally settled on my craft desk with my Ott light shining on it. At least it gives you an idea.

AND Heidi's store is the go to place for Copic markers! Lots of inventory and great prices!

I hope this was helpful and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Thanks for the link, I can always use new ribbons to add to my stash.I love the prices.

  2. ACK!!! You know I have a serious addiction to satin ribbon Michelle!! I can see I'm going to have to check this out now!!! LOL!!!

  3. Thank you so much.....I just ordered from PHH, but I'm sure I'll be ordering again soon!!! Love these comparisons!

  4. Thanks for the great information. I too love ribbon and am always looking for a great source. I have just browsed their website and think I will be ordering.


    Seriously, thank you for the comparison! That was AWESOME!

  6. This is an UBER informative post girlie! Thanks SO much! I am switing all my CS to Prism...I have to head to Heidi's and match up some accessories!

  7. Great comparison, Michelle!! Thanks for the info!

  8. Wowee, priceless! I didn't even know you could get two sided satin ribbon, sure hope Heidi is stocked up for all the orders she'll be getting LOL!! Thanks Michelle!

  9. OMG, Roomie...that's a lotta work even for am obsessed ribbon collector!!!! Thanks sooo much for all info...I need to go order 2 yards of every color!!!!!

  10. Michelle-- I did NOT need to read this!!! LOL!!! Thanks for the comparision... really! :D

  11. Thanks for the comparison charts! I appreciate all the work you did here!