Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pictures of our weekend at the coast

OK, I am a little late in posting these, but hey... better late than never. I don't do alot of personal stuff on my blog, but occasionally I think it's fun to share and see pictures!

So, with that in mind... here is me with the boys, Daniel on the left, Ryan on the right. We went to Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

Here are the boys playing with dinosaurs and trucks in the sand. Which, by the way, was the big hit of the day! They were in heaven! P.S. For those of you not on this coast, the sun can be deceiving, it can be pretty cold at the beach!!
We also went to visit the Tillamook Cheese factory. Those of you on the west coast know all about the BEST cheese and ice cream! Kinda neat to see where the magic happens.


  1. We LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Rockaway Beach. We go there several times a year. There is the most beautiful little Catholic Church overlooking the beach. That little town is so sleepy and quaint!! Great pics!!

    PS For those of you not familar w/ Oregon beaches, don't be fooled by the sun. With the wind, it can still be very cool even in the summer!! Hence, Michelle weaing long sleeves in the one pic!!


  2. The boys look like they are very happy! You however look a little cold! Looks like an awesome beach and an awesome time :) Glad you got to enjoy it :) The cheese factory - oh wow! How cool is that?! My youngest watches "how it's made" every night at 7:30 - he would love to see that place! Too bad we are on the other coast :(

  3. Mmmmmmm.... Tillamook!!!!!! Now I'm craving cheese..... LOL!

  4. Your trip to the beach looks like a lot of fun!!! What great fun to be able to go to the Tillamook factory!! Love their cheese! I had NO idea that they made ice cream too!!! Oh I am going to have to find some of it!!! Thanks so much for telling us this!! :O) Yum!!

  5. Beautiful pictures!! I have been to Rockaway beach, but not the cheese factory!! But I DO love that cheese! I haven't seen it since we have moved from the west to Nebraska!

  6. CUTE little guys you have! I just loved that age. They are very active, but their inquisitive little minds and joy for life is contagious.

    Haven't been to this cheese factory, but managed to see one in Switzerland. It's a wonderful thing to watch.

  7. Michelle,

    I'm so glad you and your kids came to visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory, even though it was so chilly at the Oregon Coast.

    Since you seem to be such a fan of Tillamook, I wanted to invite you to an event we're having this fall: The Tillamook Macaroni and Cheese Recipe Grand Finale Cook-Off.

    Here is the link with all the details:

    Also check out our Tillamook Delicious page for even more fun Tillamook links, including our page on Facebook:

    Thanks again!