Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Tuesday favorites on Thursday!

OOPs! I forgot to post a couple of my oldie but goodie favorites on Tuesday. Still very new to this whole bloggin thing, not even been at it for 2 weeks yet. So... here they are, 2 days late -lol!

7/30/07: This card was for the Dare to Get Dirty in '07. What a fun set of challenges, this challenge was a color challenge to use only black and browns, no colors! Who knew that 1 year later, I would be a Dirty Girl preparing for the next Dare to Get Dirty in '08?!? I borrowed my friends Baroque Motifs set and made this card. I quickly bought the set myself and I am sad to say I haven't really used it much (gasp). Isn't it funny how we HAVE to have a particular set and then never use it? Oh well, this card is one of my all time favs! This card can be found here in my gallery.

7/16/07: I love making baby cards, seriously, that is my niche! So soft, cute, and cuddly -the cards AND babies. Anyway, these cards were such fun to make -and still a fav of my clients. This card can be found here in my gallery.

So, there they are, this week's Tuesday Favorites! Happy stamping.

-Michelle (can't get my fancy blue siggy to work today, go figure?!)


  1. What great cards! Would expect no less!

    You've been tagged... if you want to play, please visit my blog.

  2. I loved that Baroque set when it came out too...still love it but I haven't used it in forever....this one was a beauty girl!

    The blog looks great Michelle!

  3. Your blog looks amazing! The baroque card is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. This is a beautiful card....I used this set lots at first, then put it away for a've inspired me to get it out again!
    BTW, if you've got time, I tagged you! Deets on my blog! :D

  5. These are TOTALLY adorable ! Very cute cards. Thanks for sharing

  6. Those are such lovely cards!!